Meet the Doctor


Dr. Rissacher went to Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City Mo. and graduated in 1988. He had been in private practice in NY since 1989 and has practiced here in South Florida since 2003. He comes from a family of chiropractors. His father, brother and both sisters are all chiropractors.

Dr. Rissacher believes in all things natural and the use of cold lasers to help people get rid of pain and help lose belly fat is in alignment with his principles. Dr. Tred Rissacher has been providing cold laser therapy services for over 5 years in his office.

The Lapex BCS 2000 is an FDA cleared device for pain and inflammation and deep tissue heating
for the relief of minor muscle aches, pains and spasms. It is also being used off label to reduce subcutaneous fat.
In 9 sessions or three weeks most persons will lose 3-9 inches of belly fat when using the Lapex Lipo Laser.

Our incredibly successful Lipo Laser spa and weight loss facility will help you feel and look your very absolute best with a customized plan for treatment built to match your particular desires and needs.

Our warm and friendly, professional staff members will provide you with the absolute maximum in expert and stress-free laser sessions inside a comforting atmosphere. Contact us today!