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Nancy’s Testimony

“I lost almost 12 inches, mostly over the stomach and thighs. I had 9 sessions and it was unbelievable. It was within those 9 sessions where you could actually see it come off. I can put on clothes that I haven’t worn in a long time. About 8 years ago, I did liposuction and I would never ever recommend that to anyone. I don’t know how it works, but all I know is that it works! Each session is so relaxing, you make it so comfortable for people to come here, it is so relaxing, the ambience is unbelievable….I would recommend this to anyone.”

Marilyn’s Testimony

"I heard about this Laser Lipo on the radio…so i decided to attend a workshop. I’ve had 9 sessions and I have lost 6 inches in my abdominal area. I’ve always been active doing exercise and ballroom dancing but now I see a big difference in the way my clothes fit. I can see my abdominal muscles again! Without the laser lipo procedure, I would not have gotten to see these changes in my abdomen. The laser lipo treatment helped me target my abdomen which was an area that was difficult for me to keep trim. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the services. Each session was so relaxing that I would fall asleep; and there was no pain! This is a very good investment and I would recommend it to everyone and I will do it again! Thank you Slimbody Laser Spa."


My new look makes me feel better and now I can even wear button pants and skinny jeans. The procedure was painless and I didn’t experience any side effects. I was placed in a comfortable room with nice music and a friendly staff. I lost 9 ½ inches in my abdomen area within 3 weeks, so I would definitely recommend others.

Loretta’s Testimony

After Dr. Rissacher explained the laser procedure and he provided the before and after pictures, and by doing so, it helped me make my decision and I was no longer skeptical. I lost 6 inches in my thighs in
3 weeks without any exercising or going to the gym. My experience was so comfortable I fell asleep during every session, so I definitely recommend to anyone else looking to make a change in their body, to consider laser spa treatment that’s painless and cost less than Lipo surgery. Even though I didn’t exercise or do a lot of diets, it didn’t affect my results, because I still lost 6 inches in my thighs. I would say to others it works, there’s no doubt, and the testimonials is right.

Lisa’s Testimony

I found Dr. Rissacher while searching on Google. I had tried other procedures for weight loss options, but they only proved to be pretty painful. That’s when I came in for a consultation with Dr. Rissacher and I was ready to get started. I did a 10 week session and I lost 4 inches total. I was amazed at my new look and the way it made me feel. I can now wear a bathing suit. I wasn’t skeptical about the laser program at all and it was worth it. This is an alternative no-surgery procedure compared to Lipo.

Philicia’s Testimony

I was on an upside down diet for many years, never really losing any inches and I saw the advertisement and thought here it is. I had the laser procedure and my experience was painless, instead it was soothing. The environment was enjoyable and very relaxing. I just watched what I ate and exercised according to the wonderful staff advice. In 3 weeks, I lost 12 ½ inches in her abdomen area. I feel like a new person and I look forward to working on another part of my body soon.

Julie’s Story

I came in because I wanted to lose some weight and get some body contouring. My experience was fantastic. I was really surprised. I had finished my first 9 sessions and was very pleased with the result, and the encouragement, and the counseling I received. The laser process is very easy, it’s not invasive as they say, and it’s very relaxing while you’re having the process done. I lost 9 ½ inches in my abdomen area. I feel so good that I signed up for a maintenance program. I encourage anyone who needs the motivation to at least check it out.

Connie’s Fat Loss Testimony

I had gained a lot of weight and couldn’t get rid of it, even with exercises. I knew I wasn’t eating right and had needed to get rid of some of the belly fat. After the consultation, I did the procedure; it was really nice and relaxing. The staff taught me how to eat differently and how to change my metabolism.
I not only lost inches, but I lost weight too. I lost 8 ½ inches in my abdomen area and now I’m wearing clothes I haven’t worn in like 3 yrs. I no longer look pregnant. The staff was wonderful, upbeat and bubbly and the scheduling was great. It’s been a great experience and I think I will continue to lose weight, because they’ve helped me change unhealthy habits and the way I eat and exercise.


I saw the flyer in Valpak and thought maybe this is the solution I need. I knew I really didn’t want to go under the knife, but I was at the point to where I was willing to try something. I had stretch marks on my abdomen and mid-section area. I felt very uncomfortable and was subconscious about it. After looking at the DVD it looked very easy and painless, it didn’t appear invasive. I was skeptical, it looked too easy, and didn’t look like it would work, but I thought, I’d give it a try. I went through 9 sessions and I lost
8 inches in three areas. I felt much better and instantly saw results, so I decided to do more sessions, it was working and I just wanted to continue. I didn’t really change my diet much, because I didn’t have time to do exercises, but I was still losing inches and people were asking me if I was losing weight. I have already begun recommending laser spa treatment to all my friends. I haven’t gained back any of the inches back and it’s worth every penny.

Lipo testimonial

I found an ad in the Sunday paper and had spoken with the Dr. Rissacher staff. The staff explained the procedure to me, showed me a video and then I decided to sign up that same day. I had 11 visits so far and have lost 14 1/8 inches in my abdomen area in 4 week as well as 14 lbs. I was surprised at the results and the fact that there was no downtime. I feel by far the price was way cheaper than getting a tummy tuck. I tell the people in the waiting area, the moment I walk out of the office that it’s definitely worth it.


I read it in an article and I was interested, so I called Dr. Rissacher office. My procedure wasn’t painful, it was a little bit warm, the paddles go on for 30 minutes total and I used a vibration machine; which made me feel full of energy afterwards. I lost inches afterwards, it was amazing. I had a total of 12 treatments and I lost 16 inches. I feel the cost was absolutely worth it, I’m a manager of a grocery store chain and I recommend every customer that compliments me on how good I look. I tell customers that if they want to lose as many inches as I did, to try the laser spa. For what I spent on this laser treatment and what I’ve lost is incomparable. I would highly recommend it.

I was Stuck

I had been dieting and exercising for several months and no matter what I had done I could not get rid of my belly fat. It seemed the more I exercised the bigger my belly got. The only thing I was doing was making it bigger by increasing the muscle underneath all the fat. I was completely discouraged and did not know what to do. To be honest with you, I had done some research on the web about Lipo Suction procedures however the videos were so horrible I knew I could never do that.
Well boy was I surprised when after 9 sessions on the Lapex machine I had lost 6 inches from my belly. I was totally amazed.
Since then I have continued to lose weight and have not gotten any of the fat back. I would whole heatedly recommend the folks at the Stuart Laser Spa and also the Lapex machine for belly fat reduction. It worked for me and will also work for you.
Chris C.

Gary J. Testimonial A Heart Felt Thanks.
From: Sent: Sunday, February 19, 2012 6:34 PM

To: Tred J Rissacher
Subject: Slim Spa
Hi Dr Tred and my favorite #1;
I want to briefly thank you and express my sincere appreciation for what you and your staff have done for me. I am not lazy and by nature I have always been an active man living an outdoor lifestyle until retirement came around and somehow briefly changed my behavior. Sitting on my duff was not good for me either physically or mentally but I have now moved well away from that place and am again hard into keeping healthy and otherwise occupied.
I began my new fitness quest about 16 months ago and successfully lost the weight that I had gained and have again been building lost muscle which is not as easy as it once was, but I digress.
Even following my changes I seemed unable to lose the ugly hanging fat around my mid-section even with increased running and added time of crunches and weights until I came to your spa. I was suspicious and mentally prepared for another scam involving modern looking equipment that did nothing but again hoping for the best. Marines aren’t supposed to look like I did and I hated it so I took a shot.
What I received was far greater than my most hopeful expectations. I have had about 8” total in the three measuring areas melt away while not greatly changing my habits and I am again beginning to feel some personal pride in my appearance!
Would I do it again the answer is a resounding YES but will I have to do it again the answer is NO as I am not going back there, ever. Although I still have a little bit of fat to remove I am 90% of the way home and excited about trying to work off the balance but should I not succeed I will be back at your door for the few remaining bits of hanging ugliness remaining.
Sempter Fi
Gary J.

Ken loses love handles with the lipo laser

I heard about the Slimbody laser spa from a friend. I’ve worked out constantly trying to get rid of my love handles. I was slightly skeptical about laser treatments at first but because it was non invasive and there was no side effects & after seeing my friends results I thought Id give this a try. I go to the gym 3 times a week and it was still difficult to get rid of my love handles but After doing the treatments I’ve lost 3 inches in my love handle areas. I now feel much more confidant and others have noticed my weight loss. I will recommend laser lipo treatments to anyone I am very satisfied with my results. Thanks Slimbody Laser spa!

Audrey Loses Her Muffin Top!

I heard about you through a friend who had the laser treatments. I have had a tummy tuck 6 years ago but it was not to my satisfactory because after a tummy tuck I gained weight and the area that was tucked started to bulge out on the sides of my stomach. I had a total of 9 sessions in 3 weeks and I lost 4 inches in my abdominal area. Everyone noticed my results. I would recommend your spa to anyone who wants to loose weight. The jym and dieting does take time and sometimes its close to impossible to loose weight in targeted areas. The laser lipo treatments allowed me to target the areas that I want to lose weight in and I would recommend it to anyone who would like to improve there overall body appearance. The office smells great and the people are very professional and helpful. Thanks Slimbody Laser Spa!

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